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-Former US Army Soldier. -Father of 3.

Dear America.

I will write this as lovingly and with as much tact as I can find within myself considering all the issue that will be covered. I will also preface this WITHOUT an apology for anything I say. If your old enough to read this you should be old enough to understand a difference in opinion and the right to speak you’re mind as you see fit. The very right that Mothers, Father, Brothers, Sisters fought for and died for. So if your afraid of what I have to say, and don’t wear big boy undies yet, then by all means there is a back button, ignore button, and there is also a little red X in the top right corner of your screen, because I will not hold back and I am very unfiltered.

For starters its hard to understand how for so many years people buy into all the garbage being spewn from the mouths of our countries leaders. You wouldn’t lend a stranger your favorite CD, DVD, or set of golf clubs, yet you trust the very foundation of your freedoms and every dollar earned to a person(s) that cant even give a direct answer to a direct question? How long will you allow yourselves to be trampled on beaten down and lied to? Is there no end in sight for this countries ignorance? Are we so blinded as a people that we can’t fend for ourselves, and have become so dependent on the government that they now have us by the short and curlies?

The time is now to start standing up to the leaders of this country and stop telling them how we feel and start showing them. Here are a few of  the questions that, in my mind need to be asked.  Important questions that can be generalized for the well being of the country as a whole and not individual opinions.

1.  Why is the penalty for crimes not standard across the board? Where is the incentive for not committing a crime when you can “make a deal”?

2. Why is a person receiving child support payments not accountable for where and how he/she spends the money?

3. Why are illegals still getting free health care?

4. Where did the nut sack of America go?

5.  How have become so ignorant and simple minded that we cant even stand up for ourselves as a people anymore?

6. Where has our freedom gone?

Time to take back this country, the baby boomers have destroyed us, with the ideological and liberal way of thinking. In our schools, in our government, and every day life as employers. Why do we allow these people think for us? Have you really lost yourself so much that you cant even decide whats good for yourself and family? Whats good for the Goose is good for the Gander! Where is the freedom in that? Seriously.. take about five minutes to think, I promise you will come up with a longer list of thing you CANT do vs. what you CAN do. Put it into any context you wish, best place to start is with what you want to say vs. what is quote, unquote Politically Correct. Open your eyes America, we are losing our beautiful country. Its not even necessarily about what you can do vs what you cant do, its come down to what can be proven in a court of law, ask Bernie Madoff, if you don’t believe me.

OH NO! HES GOING TO TALK ABOUT RACE!!!… yea I am, so what? (remember the little red ? Well its still there) We all have heard the cliche’s so I wont even touch on those. But what I will touch on is this, Hispanics are coming here illegally and sending US dollars back to their country and people wonder why the economy is in the shitter; blame the housing market, banks, creditors all you want, truth is American dollars are leaving this country. To many times I hear about the Black Americans pulling the race card, “its because I’m black!” well.. they may be right, but its also the bed they made for them selves, so shut up and sleep in it, no one is “holding you down”.

This may not apply to all people within the ethnicity’s mentioned above and is very relative, but covers a  larger portion than not. Truthfully thats one of the MAJOR things wrong with this country, we allow and enable people to act like this. Putting a stop the US currency leaving this country, mandating drug testing for welfare or other government benefits. Speaking our minds and standing up for ourselves, not as individuals but as a country. I can tell you the enemies of this country would love nothing more than to see us fighting among ourselves, and forgetting they exist.

Is homosexuality, Abortion, Saving the Whales and PETA really that important right now? Are there not bigger issues at hand that should have the focus of our attention? Let turn our attention to this nation and not ourselves, stop being so fucking selfish and think about the well being of this country, because I can promise you; Without a steady foundation the structure of every liberal or conservative castle built will crumble and crush you.


How can we be the most powerful people in the world when we can’t even stand up for our selves? Political Correctness and Liberalism has taken the nut sack of America and put it right into the pocket book of other countries.